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quinta-feira, novembro 29, 2012

Luke Lucky Boy

Hey Luke
There is the letter
That i promissed you
In my mind
I know
You will never read it
But still, it makes me fell fine

And i dream about you,
Even if you don't care
If you dont take my hand and ask
Someday, this feeling will pass

But i just want
To tell someone
How i fell
Since the very day we meet
You can blame
This on your friend
Who asked me
"What about him?"

But Luke
This will pass someday
Just like
I will forget this song
So i just want to print in my heart
How i felt today

And even if it goes away
I can remember, and laugh
And maybe, Luke, maybe i will cry

Cuz Luke
You're a shy pretty boy
Who likes to preach
But that is not all

You was just, a little spark of hope
That someday, i woud find
Finally, someone
Who woud make me
Fell like
Im doing something right

So Luke, dont pay attention
It is just,
A silly girl's talk

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